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Wild Weekends

Wild Weekends

I try to do something wild at the weekends with the kids. I like to try and have adventures out in nature, expose them to different environments, different places. This is not always possible! Often they have to settle for the local country park- but we are very blessed by having a great country park up the road.

I love trees- always have- always will! I grew up climbing them, walking in woods, and looking at them. I am a firm believer in the benefits of trees, and woodland, to the mind, body and soul!

So this weekend it was a woodland walk. We visited our local country park. Although it is only just September we did see a few signs that a change of season is upon us.

The children climbed trees. They were not the only ones. All children should climb trees, it teaches risk assessment, it’s strengthens the muscles, and it’s just fun!

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