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What Shall We Do Today: Feed the Ducks!

What Shall We Do Today: Feed the Ducks!

Today was a beautiful autumn’s day, so I took the boys the Blackford Pond in Edinburgh to feed the ducks, and play in the small play area there. We took the silly lab puppy with us- I’m not sure if it was fun or torture for her- she desperately wanted off the lead to swim in the pond and chase the ducks!

What was really touching about this trip is firstly, it was a place I was taken to as a child, and it was exactly as I remembered it. Secondly was the messages written on the many park benches. Over the decades people have bought benches, to remember loved ones, to go around the pond. The messages on them speak of love, companionship, and loss. Memorials to old couples who would sit together looking at the pond, talking, remembering, loving. Families who had spent a lifetime visiting the place. One remembered an elderly lady who had died in 1954, she had taken her three daughters to Blackford Pond as children, thus instilling a lifelong love of nature. This lady, immortalised on a bench; with as her three children (who also have died, their families have placed additional plaques on this bench). One mother, three children, over 100 years of history on one bench, four lives touched by the beauty of one wild place nestled in a city.

It makes me wonder what impact the experiences we give our children will impact their lives when they are elderly. It enforces that belief that places of natural beauty leave a powerful impression on us that we carry through our lives.

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