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Walking With Young Children Part 1

Walking With Young Children Part 1

I am passionate about nature and taking children into beautiful places. I believe the glory of God is made manifest in creation, and therefore being surrounded by nature can only be good for a child’s soul (as well as healthy for their body). Science bears this out. Being immersed in nature has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health.

Scotland has many beautiful wild places to explore with children. I look forward to the day I can take them hiking up more adventurous places. But until then we content ourselves with more tame adventures. As Scotland is relatively small, you do not have to travel far to find somewhere wild and beautiful.

Therefore I am always looking for new and exciting places to take the children: wild and beautiful places where they can run free. Locations I chose do have a theme of woodland, and rivers… what can I say I like trees!

One problem I do have is finding such places that are buggy friendly! Searching for new places to explore throws up many amazing places, but I need them to be accessible to little legs and a buggy!

Here is a list of my recommendations, for wild beauty in Scotland:

    1. Lord Ancrum’s Wood There are many lovely walks around here. The River South Esk provides opportunity for wading in welly boots, and plenty of trees to climb. And a large part of the wood is buggy friendly. Map and more information from the Forestry Commission
    2. Pentland Hills Glencourse Reservoir Walk This walk is nestled amongst the Pentland Hills. Very pretty. For More information see my previous post: Walking in the Pentlands
    3. Vogrie Country Park Another great place to walk with children, also has a fantastic adventure playground. Situated outside Edinburgh. Has many paths suitable for young children and pushchairs.
    4. Mugdock Country Park Situated not far from Glasgow, this country park is huge. There is a variety of different habitats from moorland to woodland. Great for walking with children of all ages. It is also on the West Highland Way.
    5. Innerleithen: Pirn Hill Pirin Hill is the site of ancient Iron Age Fort. I have pushed a buggy to the top- hard work, but satisfying! This is an easy hill for little legs to manage. Around the foot of the hill there are also tracks which are a bit less intense than pushing a buggy up to the top!
    6. Glen Garry Pine Wood The Pine Forests of this part of the Highlands consist of remnants of the ancient Caledonian Forest that once covered Scotland. The wood feels ancient. You feel the contrast between oldness of these woods and the “younger” woodland of southern Scotland. I managed with a buggy through parts of the tracks- was well worth it.

    This may seem a bit of a miss mash of locations. But as we go off exploring this summer more locations will be added.

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