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Frazzled February?

Frazzled February?

Lately our house has seem to be more wild. Little boys rampaging one minute, bored and irritable the next. This mama has felt very frazzled.

Yesterday I had some solace for a tired, and weary mama soul: tea, a scone, and time with one of my favourite lady’s. She is one of the Titus 2 women in my life.

In the course of conversation about life, we naturally talked about the children. And this retired school teacher told me some things that are very interesting. In schools there are more exclusions in February than any other month. We are both great believers in the power of creation in the spiritual, and emotional wellbeing of children.

This didn’t surprise me at all. As I do find this almighty sense of relief when spring approaches, the weather warms, and the children pile out into the garden on a more regular basis.

Little boys, in particular require a lot of outside time. Even the one year old Soldier Boy has had a taste of freedom, and spends his days frustrated that he cannot go outside to play as much as he would like. After a trip around the garden, he came to me the next day with his little shoe and declared “GO!”

So today the sky was blue, the wind had died down, we took the morning off “school” and went to the local Country Park. The boys ran through the forest. The Girl had a rare chance to just talk with me uninterrupted in the morning.

We may only be in the beginning of February, with children keen to be outside more, in fresh air, running and playing; but our trip to the forest allowed us to see the first of the snowdrops in bloom, and the daffodil shoots appearing- spring is on the way.

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