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These Autumn Days

These Autumn Days

Walking through the autumn woods, the glorious blaze of colour and the air filled with autumnal smells, no wonder L.M. Montgomery wrote in Anne of Green Gables “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” But Autumn is bitter-sweet, this audacious display of beauty is a display of death. The leaves are dying, and the beautiful days of autumn will soon give way to the icy chill of winter.

In many ways my days are like autumn, as I hold my beautiful baby John who brings so much joy into our lives, his days on this earth will be short. Being with him is a sheer delight, but the time will come when it will be like winter to my soul and he will leave us.

ARC syndrome baby boy

But in this time, as nature fills the season before winter with glory and beauty, so I want to fill my sons life with wonder. I want his short life to be one of joy, so when he looks down from heaven he can be glad to have lived out his days with us. I want him to experience the autumn air, the feel of the sun on his face, and to be surrounded by love. I want his siblings to treasure up these months with memories of their brother, so they can always carry him in their hearts.

So that when the season changes we hope and pray we will be ready for it, that we can endure it. We trust in God’s goodness and love, that he who controls the seasons in our life will bring the Spring once more.

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