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A Legacy for Lucy

A Legacy for Lucy

I met with John’s palliative care nurse today. Katrina is lovely. She is the type of person you meet and instantly you know she is doing what she is meant to be doing. Palliative care is not going to be the type of job a little girl grows up dreaming of becoming, and it is not the type of nursing job that every nurse will be able to fulfil (in fact there is many a nurse who I’ve met who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the palliative setting), but Katrina has definitely found her call. I will be eternally grateful to her for her care of Lucy and of John.

Baby John

John is seven months now, seven months old for a little boy with a life expectancy of six. Lucy would have been 2 years old. As Katrina and I sat drinking tea discussing the changes in palliative care since Lucy passed away she shared with me the things she has learnt and implemented, the differences in the service they can provide. She shared the impact that Lucy had had upon her, that nursing Lucy and supporting us has lead to changing the way palliative care is being done now. Equipment has been purchased to be used with other families because it would have been of benefit to Lucy had they had it. I felt deeply touched that Lucy’s life is helping other babies and other families. In her own little way she has a silent legacy.

I was also privileged to be able to share some of Michael, Lucy and John’s stories, for her to use in training health care professionals around palliative issues. I can do many different memory making “things” with John; but to think his story, their stories, are able to help other families, and are being told, is a legacy I want my babies to have.

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