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Summer- Time to Hit the Re-Set Button

Well we are passed the half way mark of 2015, it’s a good time to take stock of the past 6 months and check how things are doing, and prepare for the rest of the year. One of the main things I decided that had to change this year was the amount of rest I was having. So I have been intentional about resting, about scheduling a weekly Sabbath, about not cramming too much into the week. This has been a very positive change. However, the last few weeks have seen a complacency creep in, an overfilling of the weeks. And with it growing tiredness and inevitable grumpiness! Now is the start of the summer holidays, and school is coming to an end for this academic year- the perfect opportunity to hit the re-set button. A time to naturally slow down, and re-commit to good habits. Taking a little bit of time to look at what has worked this passed 6 months, and what needs improved. A time to plan for the rest of the year, so we don’t live in survival mode. Share this:PrintFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like...

Self Care as a Homeschool Mama

The days are long, but the years are short is a very wise saying that pertains to parenthood. Surviving those long days means applying wisdom, and being intentional to manage your own mental, spiritual and emotional health. Finding ways to look after yourself is an essential part of being a mother. When we become overwhelmed and burnt out, we are not able to give our children our best. This looks different at the different stages of motherhood: the demands on our time vary from when we have babies, to when we have older children. I have found some basic principals that can help our mental health as mothers: Find Your Tribe This is basically finding a source of fellowship. In the many and varied relationships we have not every person will be the right one to share life with. I find I need other home educating mothers around me to encourage and support me. They have an empathy as to what my day looks like that other friends cannot have. It’s also about finding those people who you just “click” with; those people you can share your weaknesses with and know you won’t feel condemnation, but will be supported and loved by. It’s also about having friends you can meet up with who have a depth of spiritual maturity who can encourage you to grow in faith. If this is lacking in your life, pray God will supply this need. When I first had children, I had to develop this area in my life. As a natural introvert, I found this difficult, but I have reaped the rewards of having a wonderful network of wonderful friends to do life with. Spend Time in Nature My love of nature is no secret, I truly believe God has placed within us a need to be in His creation. Walking through a beautiful wood, or hiking up a magnificent mountain revives and restores the soul. Countless studies have proven the link between time spent in nature and improvements in mental health. Rest Time There are times when the demands of life mean that “getting away from it all” simply won’t happen. But I find just being able to settle the children either in their rooms, or in front of a DVD; whilst I can go to another part of the house, alone with a cup of tea, will be enough to refresh me so I can be a happier mama for the remainder of the day. I have also made Saturday’s a “Sabbath” day, practically speaking this means I make sure Saturday...

My New Year’s Resolution: More Rest

Yes, it’s February.. the end of! But usually New Year’s Resolutions are talked about enthusiastically for the first week of January, and forgotten about by the second. But I have stuck to mine, so far, this year- and I’m rather proud of it! My New Year’s Resolution is to take a Sabbath day- a day of rest. Last year as Christmas holiday’s approached I was exhausted. I would finish the school week, and then have a weekend packed with stuff! The result was I would begin the new school week still tired. This is unsustainable! Change was needed, so I took the ending of The Girl’s Saturday ballet class as an opportunity. I have gone a bit Jewish and chosen a Saturday- because transporting 4 children to church on a Sunday morning is not restful! I also have set some rules: No computer gaming devices allowed. On Friday night I gather up the laptop, iPad, controllers for the pS3, and Nintendo DS’. They can watch a movie, or something on iplayer- but not all day. I make sure shopping is done on the Friday (I use to do the weekly food shop on a Saturday morning), so no shops have to be visited- this includes horrible big shopping centres- for me shopping is definitely not a recreational activity!. I plan easy to prepare meals- even better is when I cook double on Friday- although I’m still working on that one! I don’t do any housework- if possible- apart from what is necessary e.g. washing up! Now Saturday’s look very peaceful- no rushing out the door in the morning. If I, or the children, want to wear PJs half the day that is fine! I often, go back to lie in bed and read after breakfast- the children can play. We do try and go for a walk- a relaxing walk in the countryside. Or I will somethings invite friends over- but nothing stressful. The main rule is: if it is tiring or stressful we don’t do it! I do not then fill up Sunday’s with loads of stuff to compensate- I will try to make sure the house is in order for the start of the new school week. But slowing down at the weekend, and creating a Sabbath Day has had an effect. I begin the new school week rested. I can feel the natural build up of tiredness through the week as Friday approaches- and I look forward to Saturday. Share this:PrintFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like...
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