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Preschool Autumn Colour Activity

We have been looking at colours in preschool-homeschool, and since it is autumn I made up this little activity. I cut out tree shapes in red, green, and orange paper. The tree shapes were glued to a piece of white paper. From the scraps of coloured paper I cut leaf shapes and mixed them together. The idea is the child glues the right coloured leaf to the correct tree Share this:PrintFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like...

Underwater painting craft

We used oil pastels and watercolour paint to creat these easy underwater paintings. What I like about this craft is it can be used for different age groups (my preschool aged child loved it, as did the 7 year old!) and introduces the child to different mediums. 1.Use oil pastels to draw an under water scene. The oil pastels create a bold image. The colours can also be smudged together. 2.Use the watercolours to paint over the drawing with blue paint. As the pastels are oil based the water based paint does not stick to the drawing. Share this:PrintFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like...

Preschool Cutting Activity: Free Worksheet

Young Children LOVE cutting things- my three year old will sit for ages cutting up bits of paper. As soon as they are able to use scissors that’s them! A great idea, for a young child, whilst you are teaching older children is to give them old magazines to cut up. I’ve also made an easy sheet to help a nursery age child’s fine motor skills. The child cuts along the lines. This has a few benefits: It strengthens their hands Improves control Is a step towards preparing the child for handwriting later on Preschool Cutting Worksheet easy Share this:PrintFacebookTwitterEmailLike this:Like...
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