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Wild Places for Wild Boys

Wild Places for Wild Boys

I do think that every family ought to have at least one wild boy… We have the Jedi Boy. These are the boys who can’t sit still, who are always wanting to conquer. I spend a lot of time thinking and trying to manage the heightened testosterone of my boy. All to often we want to put these boys down, try have dampen their energy, their fight.

It feels like a balancing act, sometimes we get it right other times I feel I get it wrong. Today I took him to a wild wood, he was armed with his new sword. He ran through the trees, conquered badies. He was free, he could run and be free.

Boys need the freedom to be, the freedom to run, to climb, to be who they are. Little boys who can’t sit still should not be made to remain in a small space for extended periods, or they will act up.

  • Coping Strategies for Wildy Boys:
    1. 1.Try and facilitate them the room to run about outside at least once a day.
      2.Break their lessons up into bite sized chunks. When you see you are losing their interest let them run about for a few minutes.
      3.Add kinesthetic learning into their day. For example, when doing our Phonics we had little stories to help enforce the sound, we acted these out. There were also actions for each sound- Jedi Boy found these very helpful.
      4.Sometimes allow them to walk about whilst teaching them.
      5.Give them some one-to-one time. I find Jedi Boy more than any of the other children responds for quality time alone with one of the key adults in his life: whether that be a parent or grandparent.
      6.Make sure they get enough sleep. Such boys live life at top speed. Especially when they are younger they lack the ability to pace themselves, so they tire themselves out. A tired boys is a grumpy, and naughty boy!
      7.Take them to wild places, where they can climb trees, paddle in streams, and run with all their might…

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