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The Power of a Good Story

The Power of a Good Story

Today was wild- not the weather- but the boys, although the weather played a big part. After what feels like weeks of rain they all have a bit of cabin fever. Now when I say wild I mean we were seriously worried the neighbours were not going to appear at the door to complain, and when the DPD guy brought a parcel I had to explain to him they were play “dogs” hence they were barking at him. Even an afternoon bath did not work to soothe and calm their wild ways.

What did work- a story (well a couple). We snuggled up on the couch and they produced their books. Thomas’ one was rather unremarkable, but he enjoyed it. But Jude and Noah their books were wonderful. As the words flowed it was like a spell that brought calm; and a peace descended upon them.

Jude has been re-reading (well having them as his read-aloud) his collection of Laurence Anholt books. Anholt tells the stories of great artists through their relationships with children. The illustrations reflect the artist whose story is being told and the text is dazzling. Tonight we had Monet all four children gathered round captivated by the art and the beauty of the tale. His eyes lit up as he excitedly asked that tomorrow we read the one about Leonardo Va Vinci, that one is his favourite.


Noah is going through the Little House on the Prairie books. The text here also sparkles. Laura Ingalls Wilder’s description of life on the prairie, the beauty of the nights hushed these wild boys into tranquility.

The house restored to order they all went off to bed content and quiet… truly the power of a beautiful story.

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