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Striking a Balance

Striking a Balance

I don’t really like the term “me time”! I think having children means ultimately putting them first. Children simply need parents. They need loved, nurtured, disciplined, stimulated, they need your time. As parents we have to come to that realisation: that our desires cannot rule our lives any more.

However, it is not wise to totally sacrifice oneself on the alter of motherhood. Part of being a good mother, is being a wise mother, and a wise mother ensures she is emotionally and spiritually healthy. Our children receive from where we are at, therefore we need to take care of ourselves.

Therefore it is important we can find times of refreshing, where we can minister to those parts of our soul which become so wearied by motherhood. It is also important to find people to connect to who we find mutual refreshing with.

For me I find myself renewed in nature. Yes I can find refreshing in nature with the children, but time alone, without noise, without demands, is like a refreshing elixir for the soul. I also have certain people, more mature ladies, who I can turn to, who I can draw strength from, and pray with.

God made us to need times of rest and refreshing; he also made us to need other people. As mothers we owe it to our children to fill these parts of who we are, in what ever way is right and proper for us.

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