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Nature: Food for a Weary Soul

Nature: Food for a Weary Soul

Walking through woodland on the banks of beautiful Rydal water, in the glorious Lake District. The warm sun shining through the new leaves, gently unfolding. The woodland floor, still, with a few late daffodils and some early bluebells. The air filled with the sound of busy birds, natures great symphony. Then out of the wood onto the the side of Loughrigg Fell. We walked along the side of the fell with Rydal water below, and then onto the slopes above Grasmere. The children climbing boulders, and doing battle with sticks!

Boulder climbing Lake District

From this beautiful vantage point, I could understand why Spring was so celebrated by Wordsworth in his poem “Thought On The Seasons”

Flattered with promise of escape
From every hurtful blast,
Spring takes, O sprightly May! thy shape,
Her loveliest and her last.

Less fair is summer riding high
In fierce solstitial power,
Less fair than when a lenient sky
Brings on her parting hour.

When earth repays with golden sheaves
The labors of the plough,
And ripening fruits and forest leaves
All brighten on the bough;

What pensive beauty autumn shows,
Before she hears the sound
Of winter rushing in, to close
The emblematic round!

Such be our Spring, our Summer such;
So may our Autumn blend
With hoary Winter, and Life touch,
Through heaven-born hope, her end!

My weary soul drank the scene in, refreshed, renewed by the beauty of it all. As the winter had passed into Spring I had, like no other year, been yearning for the return of the green leaves and flowers of the wood. And after an April which had seen me spend three weeks ill in bed I needed this time in nature to restore and sooth my tired soul.

Rydal Water

I am convinced that everyone of us needs to spend time in nature, in God’s creation. We need this connection. Nature enables me to connect with God in a way I simply cannot do in a town or city, or in the house even. The very nature of God is hidden within His creation (Romans 1:18-25).

Some of the times of greatest joy I experience with the children are in wild places where we soak in the wonder of God’s creation, and the children are free to simply be. And I take the finding of joy as a sign that this is where God would have as be also.

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