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My New Year’s Resolution: More Rest

My New Year’s Resolution: More Rest

Yes, it’s February.. the end of! But usually New Year’s Resolutions are talked about enthusiastically for the first week of January, and forgotten about by the second. But I have stuck to mine, so far, this year- and I’m rather proud of it! My New Year’s Resolution is to take a Sabbath day- a day of rest. Last year as Christmas holiday’s approached I was exhausted. I would finish the school week, and then have a weekend packed with stuff! The result was I would begin the new school week still tired. This is unsustainable! Change was needed, so I took the ending of The Girl’s Saturday ballet class as an opportunity.

I have gone a bit Jewish and chosen a Saturday- because transporting 4 children to church on a Sunday morning is not restful! I also have set some rules:

    1. No computer gaming devices allowed. On Friday night I gather up the laptop, iPad, controllers for the pS3, and Nintendo DS’. They can watch a movie, or something on iplayer- but not all day.
      I make sure shopping is done on the Friday (I use to do the weekly food shop on a Saturday morning), so no shops have to be visited- this includes horrible big shopping centres- for me shopping is definitely not a recreational activity!.
      I plan easy to prepare meals- even better is when I cook double on Friday- although I’m still working on that one!
      I don’t do any housework- if possible- apart from what is necessary e.g. washing up!
  • Now Saturday’s look very peaceful- no rushing out the door in the morning. If I, or the children, want to wear PJs half the day that is fine! I often, go back to lie in bed and read after breakfast- the children can play. We do try and go for a walk- a relaxing walk in the countryside. Or I will somethings invite friends over- but nothing stressful. The main rule is: if it is tiring or stressful we don’t do it!

    Caledonian Forest

    I do not then fill up Sunday’s with loads of stuff to compensate- I will try to make sure the house is in order for the start of the new school week. But slowing down at the weekend, and creating a Sabbath Day has had an effect. I begin the new school week rested. I can feel the natural build up of tiredness through the week as Friday approaches- and I look forward to Saturday.

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