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Motherhood: Staying Sane!

Motherhood: Staying Sane!

As mothers we sacrifice a lot for our children. Even mothers who manage to maintain a career- most will not reach the heights of the career ladder their childless peers are able to attain to (regardless what Sheryl Sandberg would like us to believe).

For stay-at-home mothers it can feel that the sacrifices involved in the day to day monotony of life barely leaves us feeling sane. And after a number of years in this mode of existence many women are left feeling utterly depressed, not sure who they are as women- as they are now so given over to the role of mother.

Being a mother is an awesome privilege. In nearly every career role the position can be filled by a myriad of people. To your children, you are the only person who can be the mother they really need. In nearly every career the gratification and results are temporary. In motherhood the results go down the generations, and are felt eternally.

However, as women we are complex beings, with deep personalities. Our children receive from us when we cultivate other areas to who we are as people.

Currently I am reading “Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breath” by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson (I bought it on a spur of the moment, as the title described how I felt at that moment, but I’m really enjoying it!). I enjoy Sally Clarkson’s writings, she writes with beauty, and wisdom. Her words resonated with me, “a mature woman must take responsibility for her own happiness”.

When The Jedi Boy was a baby, I sunk into a depression- he was not an easy baby. I felt consumed with the world of babies, and toddlers. I was mentally bored, and felt a complete failure as a mother. Mr Man worked shifts, and I would often spend the dreaded dinner/evening routine in tears.

When the Jedi Boys was around 6 months I started a distance learning course. What was I found most interesting was the improvement in my mental health, because I was doing something I enjoyed- learning!

I now make it a priority to have little projects on the go: things to keep me intellectually stimulated- this is important for me, it keeps me sane!

I believe mothers need to find that thing that for them makes them something more than only a mother. It may be learning, writing, sewing, handicraft. We are created to be wonderful, complex people with depth and a plethora of talents; homeschooling, full-time motherhood need not be a barrier to cultivating different areas of our lives- in fact it can keep us sane!

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