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In the Midst of Mayhem…

In the Midst of Mayhem…

With four young children, a day is like a whirlwind of noise and mess. Some days all you can do is cling on, bearly in control of this crazy busy life.

The children can drive you to distraction. You want it all to stop, for an oasis of calm, and stillness in the midst of mayhem. But they won’t comply- why should they? They are living, exploring, testing, growing… they are being who they are. Parenting young children can feel like never-ending drudgery.

On such days I come to the end, not sure if the strength is their for the next one lined up tomorrow, or the day following, or the seemingly endless days thereafter.

Then you read words of wisdom from a mama further down that road less travelled than yourself. A mama who is watching her boys grow into men. Who cannot go back to the mayhem of little boys rampaging through the house with swords, or have a small boy climb upon her knee looking to suckle on the breast. Then you remember why you do it all, and why to cherish the mayhem, as it really won’t last forever. A day will come when the house will be calm, quiet, and tidy; and when that days comes will you yearn to be back in the midst of mayhem?

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