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Follow The Joy

Follow The Joy

It has shocked me how brutal parenting can be, and as a consequence it is easy to grow hard.

During the times when I find myself becoming hard I shout more, cry more, feel overwhelmed, and guilty. Condemnation begins to weigh heavy upon me- I am a terrible parent, I can’t do this, my children will need therapy to “get over” their childhood. And the downward cycle continues.

However, I do not want to be this kind of hard mother. Life is life, and the pressures of living will always be there- like death and taxes!

I have to find the joy and follow it! Where God is there is joy… I want some of that please, I want some of that for my children.

Following the joy may mean overcoming tiredness, apathy, even fear… but you and your household will reap the rewards.

Think about the times as a mother you have known joy with your children: is there are pattern?

I have noticed I experience joy chiefly when reading with them, and being in nature- surrounded by beauty. So to cultivate joy, I want to increase the amount we read together- not always easy with a broad age range of children, and a 1 year old who likes to throw his books at you when you try to read to big boys!

Secondly I need to seek out beauty in nature… my doorstep is slightly limited in beauty. This means the motivation to bundle the four children into the car in search of wild places.

Small steps towards intentionally improving everyones lives. Otherwise the drudgery of day to day life can sap the zeal from you and make every one depressed. I don’t want this to be the memories my children have our our home.

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