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Five Reasons I Love Breastfeeding

Five Reasons I Love Breastfeeding

I was always going to breastfeed. I never needed the midwife’s hard sell or the lists or reasons why Breast is Best. For me, I was just going to do it!

Now I’ve been breastfeeding for almost 8 years constant. And I have my own reasons why it is so special:

    1. The Closeness to Baby Breastfeeding is a very intimate act. After a baby is thrust into this world it is beautiful for mummy and baby to have that closeness, a gentler way to start life. After nine months in the womb the baby is suddenly separate from you, but when he feeds you are one again. Personally I find bottle feeding lacks that closeness, it feels distant.
    2. Antibodies! I find it amazing that my antibodies are passed on to my babies, so they receive protection from the viruses I’ve already fought- that’s really cool! Not only that those annoying little eye infection newborns are prone to can be zapped by a well aimed squirt (although aiming a breast milk squirt is a bit hit or miss, and provides great entertainment to older siblings).
    3. Convenience Yes, bottle feeders may smugly look on when you have a squawking infant in the post natal ward, but you have food on the go! It makes life a lot less stressful not having to be back in time for that next bottle, or having that flexibility when out and about.
    4. Night Feeding I can think of nothing worse than faffing about with bottles in the wee small hours. Sticking a breast in baby’s mouth and everyone getting back to sleep with minimal disruption- much more like it!
    5. Immediate Comfort Breastfeeding provides instant comfort. At a mother’s breast is the safest place in the world for a baby. This emotional nourishment is never mentioned in the literature, but for me is the most beautiful part of breastfeeding.

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