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Writing Prompts: With an Animal Theme

We have been doing a project on animals the last couple of weeks. This affords many different avenues for writing, both imaginative as well as factual. It also allows the child the opportunity to develop research skills.

We have used the internet as well as books: we may have the internet at our finger tips, but a trip to the local library is still very beneficial!

Animal Themed Writing Prompts

    1. Write about your favourite animal. Find out about it’s habitat, food, predators/prey, etc.
    2. Consider different endangered species. Choose one and write about it. Why is it endangered? What could be done to help save the species?
    3. Read some poems about different animals, for example William Blake’s Tyger Tyger and The Lamb, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s The Owl. Write your own poem that describes an animal.
    4. Do you have a pet, or would you like one? Find out how to look after a pet you would like and write about how you would care for it.
    5. Read an extract from Wind and the Willows. Write your own story about some woodland animal friends.
    6. Research a type of sea mammal. Write about it: where does it live, what does it eat, are they endangered, mention anything special you find out about them.
    7. Imagine you are an explorer and you are visiting an isolated jungle. Whilst there you discover a new species of animal. Describe your new species, what will you call it, how does this new species behave?

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