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The benefit of being a life long learner to your children

The benefit of being a life long learner to your children

I believe one of the greatest privileges we have is being able to learn. We have all seen the images of people in third world nations of people impoverished, unable to feed their children, and with little hope- people who have never had an education. I value the fact I have had an education, and I love learning things. For me home education is a way of instilling a love of learning within my children, and raising them to be life long learners.

I think women who have been use to professional careers, or have been educated to a high level, often find it had to adapt to the role of full time mother due to the lack of intellectual stimulation. I highly recommend trying to fit in some kind of new training during that time. Learning a new skill will feed the intellectual part of your brain, as well as equipping you with a new skill.

But something unexpected is also gained from learning new skills. You develop a greater empathy for you children as they are learning their new skills. We can forget the struggles we had at school. I have been teaching myself computer programming. I find it stimulating, but as I grapple with a problem, and stretch my mind with something a seasoned programmer could do with their eyes closed, I think how my children must feel fighting with multiplication or phonics. So tomorrow, when we are doing maths and a child just can’t get it despite going over it a hundred times, I can rememeber that last night I looked a simple piece of code for and hour until I finally worked out what I’d done wrong… and I experience the joy of grasping something you’ve found hard.

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