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Teach Your Child to Computer Program

There was a very interesting article in today’s Telegraph about the sorry state of IT education in the UK. It sounds as though computing has not progressed much since I was at school. IT education still seems to focus on the teaching of Microsoft Word and Excel (surely these should be taught in business/administrative classes). As a result businesses are finding it hard to source with the coding skills they require. As a consequence business are teaching teenagers the coding skills the industry needs in order to grow. This is staggering! In a modern economy a healthy supply of well educated coders is essential. With youth unemployment at such high levels why are kids not leaving school with these skills, they could start businesses from their bedrooms, as Shakespeare said “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie”.

The Telegraph goes on to list a few online coding curriculums, which are free. So after the October break we will be taking a look at these more closely… will keep you posted how that one goes!

Want to learn how to code? Here are six useful websites:


A visual programming language for children age 6 and up, developed at MIT. Allows users to create and share interactive games.


In-browser ‘x-ray goggles’ which allow you to see the HTML elements that make up every webpage – and lets you edit them yourself.


Code ‘spellchecker’ and preview window which makes web editing simple. Create your own functional page in minutes and host it online.

Hackety Hack

Learn the Ruby programming language from scratch with this free downloadable software.

Code Academy

Learn the basics of Javascript, Python and Ruby through these fun interactive online course. Suitable for teenagers and upwards.

Code School

More advanced tutorials in Ruby, Javascript and CSS design which allow you to share your progress with the coding community.

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