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Subtraction with Exchange: Free Worksheet

Subtraction with Exchange: Free Worksheet

I may have grown to love mathematics, but that was not always the case. I once stood in The Girls shoes, with a less happy relationship with mathematics. One of our problem areas is subtraction with exchange. It is a skill she will master, then after going onto another discipline, she forgets how to do it. One of the keys we have found to enforcing the ideas is practise, practise, practise. So we have made up this sheet to gave a lot of practise subtracting, with exchange. Many of the sums involve exchanging twice.

As an aside, when we first started to learn about subtraction we began using thousand cube, hundreds, tens and unit cubes. Building the to sum using the blocks, then subtracting. Being able to visualise the exchange of 10 hundreds , ten tens, etc really helped teach the principal.

What makes maths difficult is it’s abstract nature, anything that makes it visual will help the child grasp the concepts.

subtraction with exchange

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