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Preparing For a New School Year

Preparing For a New School Year

The long summer holiday is great to prepare for the school year ahead. You have the space to think and plan, to replenish supplies, as well as vision and energy.

First the practical stuff you need for school. Keep it simple! Although my children all have their own pencil case, this is unnecessary, and I’m trying to phase it out! Best is to have a stationary box, where all the basics are centralised. Basics are:

    1. Good quality HB pencils, like most things cheap ones are a false economy!
    2. New rubbers! We always seem to lose them, so one each is a wise idea.
    3. Make sure the sharpener is not lost, and a spare is to hand (the same goes for rulers!)
    4. New colouring pens and pencils. Through the year ours run dry, pencils end up with never-ending broken leads. So a supply or new fresh ones is good.
    5. Check paint and glue supplies.
    6. New jotters, enough for your needs. I don’t go for anything fancy. You can cover them with lining paper, or old wall paper if you want to make a cheap notebook more durable.
    7. I have a folder for each child, to keep loose pieces of work neatly together.

Make sure you have all your curriculum up to date. As someone who loosly follows Charlotte Mason, this year I want to introduce some new elements:

    ART: Begin to look at an artist in more depth, using the study to teach some new techniques, and inspire art projects.
    NATURE STUDY: We already spend a lot of time in nature, but Charlotte Mason encouraged the study of 6 plants and 6 animals per term. This I will customise to our region.

We are looking into changing our maths curriculum to Math U See, from Singapore Maths. I am drawn by the emphasis is teaching the principals of maths in a more meaningful way. Although the rigour of Singapore Math has been beneficial to The Girl’s mental arithmetic this year; but I do not think it will suit the boys in the long term.

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