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P is for Patience

When my daughter was born I was desperate for her to reach her developmental milestones, and ideally to do so early! When she was one I would lie in bed a count how many words she had… I had a book which gave you a guide as to how many words a child should/could have at 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, etc, etc. Perhaps it was her mop of thick hair which made her look older which added to my drive. Thankfully for my fearfully, neurotic first time mummy self, she was very quick (in fact I’m sure my guidelines for how many words a baby should have, probably put the fear of God into many a new mum!)

Then came The Jedi Boy! No word counting there… I was just thankful to reach the end of my days with a degree of sanity intact!

As we have progressed, I have learnt to stop judging my children’s development in such simplistic ways. I have had to learn patience!

All to often a child develops at their own pace, and according to their personalities. Educating my son and daughter- two extremes on the spectrum, I can now fully understand why boys tend to fall behind girls. The Jedi Boy responds far better to a more laid back approach to learning, motivated by his own interests. Where as The Girl seems to genuinely enjoy learning for learnings sake. The Jedi Boy may take longer to conquer reading, but he has talents his sister does not naturally flourish in. And he will get there!

As we homeschool our own children in their ABCs we would do well to remember P is for Patience. Relax, they will get there.

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