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Make a Plan!

Make a Plan!

To be honest homeschool/parenting blogs can be intimidating as much as they are inspirational. It is very easy to make homeschooling look easy, and idyllic. But the reality in your own home is more chaotic, exhausting and disheartening- comparisons are not encouraging.

Well, today was one of those days you want to hide in a cupboard! I do wonder if any productive learning happened- although The Girl did seem to make some progress with the dreaded (often tear inducing division).

One of the reasons for today’s failure was my lack of a plan (that and terrible weather, so the wild boys had no outlet for their vast amounts of energy!)

I have found homeschooling is more successful the better the plan is. I have also found Sunday evening is not the best time to form this plan. Sunday’s are busy for us, and Sunday evening can sometimes be too full to add planning for Monday in as well.

Top Tip Set aside a time that works for you to make a plan for the coming week.

I remember reading of a woman who made a plan at the start of each term, so she knew and her children knew exactly what they were doing on each day of that term- very impressive. But even a few days of advanced planning will make a huge difference.

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