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Learning to Read: Phonics (With Free Printable Flashcards)

I think the research is now pretty conclusive: phonics is the best way for a child to learn to read. I learnt to read at a time when phonics was out of fashion. I was sent home with a box of words, and had to learn to read the “sight word method”. They could have been written in Chinese, as far as little 5 year old me was concerned.

I loved books and desperately wanted to read- but couldn’t. I struggled for years with reading. The consequence was feelings of failure, shame and embarrassment. I believe had I learnt with the phonics programs used today the process would have been far less painful.

There are many phonic programs available. And finding the right one is important for the individual child. The Jedi Boy has taken longer to rad that The Girl. I tried a couple of programs with him, which did not work well. Then we started with the Jolly Phonics Program. The results we brilliant. We are now onto Jolly Grammar- and I am learning things I missed, from my decidedly dodgy Primary school English education!

The Jolly Phonics program is not too expensive and can be bought from Amazon. I would recommend the student workbooks (an essential), the teacher’s handbook (an essential), and the CD (not essential, but really helped re-enforce the sounds).

I made my own flash cards (phonics flash cards). These can be printed on card, and/or laminated for durability.

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