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Homeschooling Whilst Pregnant

Homeschooling Whilst Pregnant

Every pregnancy is different and has it’s ups and downs. Homeschooling whilst being pregnant came be a very difficult time. For most women the two “hard” points in pregnancy are the beginning and the end. These are the days where you feel you will never get through.

This is now my second pregnancy whilst homeschooling, and it does add extra strain to your day. But one thing I’ve learnt for motherhood in general is that times and seasons change, and we have to learn to work with the season we are in.

Rest is vitally important when pregnant. Not resting enough will result in a deterioration you your mental health, and will make you a less pleasant person to live with! Listen to your body’s need to rest, and try to factor in a nap in the afternoon, if you have a little one, snuggle up together after lunch and have a sleep. I allow the older children to have some TV time, to keep the house quiet.

Pacing yourself is also important, be wise as to what you say yes to, and how full the calendar becomes.

It is not only important that you are helped in the house, but in general it is important to train older children to look after their living environment. I also (pregnant or not) train the children in tidying up, hoovering, laundry, etc. It is good for them, and you, that they learn to pick up after themselves.

It is also OK that there are times where you focus only on the essentials- reading, english, maths. Do not feel pressurised into loading up the day with too much activity.

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