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Homeschooling Mum on Summer Holiday!??

Homeschooling Mum on Summer Holiday!??

Summer holiday time always takes me a little by surprise. After a long year of doing school, the children are in need of a break… but so am I! I have notions of sitting relaxing with a good book and a cup of tea, as children play beautifully in the other room.

Then we wake up on the first day on school holiday’s! I feel justified that I have earned my break! But the inevitable happens: “mum what are we doing today?”, “mum can we go somewhere?”, and then before long the whiny sound of: “I’M BORED!” At that moment I realise we may be on holiday from school, but there are still four children in need of activity and stimulation. What is needed is a plan!

One of the first things we do is make a large poster- a summer bucket list- on the poster each child can chose two activities they want to do through the summer. These have to be sensible… going off for a fortnight’s holiday on an aeroplane will not make the list! These are spaced throughout the summer, and are generally things that can make a day trip somewhere.

Secondly everyday have a vague idea what you will do. Have some kind of planned activity for the children. My kids need to know something will happen, something they can look forward too! These need not be fancy, or expensive!

Easy Summer Holiday Activities

    1. Visit the library. Many libraries offer summer reading schemes, or have some sort of free activities, so it is worth having a look.
    2. A picnic in a park you have never visited before.
    3. Invite friends around you have not seen in a while.
    4. Go fishing. Even if you do not have proper rod and tackle, young children love a gentle stream and a fishing net!
    5. Visit a beach.
    6. Go hiking.
    7. Go to a wild and beautiful place you have never visited before.
    8. A bike ride
    9. Bake new recipes.
    10. Geocaching– this is when you use your smart phone’s GPS to locate a hidden container, called a geocache. Just download the app! A bit like a modern day treasure hunt… without the gold!

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