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Homeschooling Ideologies: Don’t Listen to the Dogma

There are a lot of homeschooling ideologies out there: Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Unschooling, Classical, Text-book based, Waldolf, Unit Studies, Eclectic….

This in one sense is wonderful. Children are all so unique and the idea that we should educate them the same way is rather ridiculous. These different educational ideologies have all been birthed out of different notions and experiences regarding children, their development, and how they learn- findings all valid, and all that should bring something of value to us as educators of children.

However, the problem is when one of these methods is raised up above the rest, and hailed as the definitive way to educate the child. Such a practise becomes divisive. Homeschooling is the road less travelled in parenting, it can be very lonely, and as a community we should be supportive, and recognise that Classical may be great for your child, but this child is thriving being unschooled, for example.

Thankfully the homeschooling communitty I am part of this is not a problem. But it troubles me when I visit websites on this theory or that method, and it is all so black and white. It can be very daunting for those new to homeschooling to be faced by such high levels of confidence in the superiorty of their method.

For those new to homeschooling, learn about your child, and how they learn, and how to engage with them. Do not be afraid to try different things. Watching my children I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself using very different methods with different children… and that is alright!

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