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Homeschool Science: The Human Body

This term we are focusing on the Human Body for homeschool science. We have started small- quite literally! Looking to begin with at the structure of cells, then we have looked at the brain and nervous system then moving onto the senses. Our journey has continued onto the heart and circulatory system, the lungs and respiratory system, then the digestive system. We are using the Usborne Internet Linked Book of the Human Body, as our main book for information, the lists of websites they link to are also very good, these links also lead you to printables to use.

Activities/ Experiments and Sources of Excellent information

  1. Neuroscience for Kids, has been an excellent resources, this gave us the idea to make models of neurones from various materials!
  2. The British Heart Foundation, this website will send you out free educational packs which can be used, they do ask for a donation- which is only right and proper.
  3. Nina and the Neurons on the BBC website has some lovely ideas for experiments and activities for younger children.
  4. Enchanted Learning is a site I would recommend in general to subscribe to as it is packed with good printable diagrams, I use it a lot, and have definitely had my money’s worth from it!
  5. Optics for Kids has some cool optical illusions. Also a site to bookmark for when you’re looking at optics in general.
  6. What’s Blood Made of Activity
  7. What’s Blood Made of?

  8. Yarn hearts craft– to help teach children that one side of your blood pumps oxygenated blood the other pumps blood which lacks oxygen.
  9. A nice little video about the cardiovascular system
  10. Make a model of the Lungs
  11. Model to teach how the lungs work

  12. Experiment with saliva and iodine, to show how the enzymes in your saliva begin to break down starch as soon as you start eating. Iodine is available from Amazon or Ebay.

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