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Gardening with Children

Spring is sort of thinking of beginning here! But despite the very cold weather, my thoughts are turning to the garden. Every year I have great hopes for growing vegetables. One year we managed a respectable harvest, last year we managed nothing, the year before that I was too pregnant to really care!

So this year I have a bit of a plan, to start small! Mr Man is digging over the vegetable patch, and I am going to a local stable to collect some horse poo! Then for the vegetables. We are going to go for:

    1. Some potatoes- these are usually quite east to grow, but do steal the nutrients from the soil.
    2. Carrots- have failed to grow last few years, due to the potatoes, but this year, they will be no where near the potatoes and will have horse poo power to help them out!
    3. French Beans- we’ll see what happens to them!
    4. Salads
    5. Strawberries- but need to destroy the slugs!

This year I plan to start the carrots, and beans off in the house. I will use cut in half toilet roll tubes. These can be planted directly into the soil. Hopefully this will allow the roots to become established.

Now all this planting is great to do with children. It allows them to learn where food comes from, as well as equipping them with the skills to grow their own food (hopefully).

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