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Encouraging Creative Writing with Reluctant Writers

Encouraging Creative Writing with Reluctant Writers

One of my children is not a keen writer. It is important to encourage writing skills, without putting a child off writing, and making it a total act of drudgery. Of course there are things he just has to knuckle down to do, but I want him to see that writing can also be “fun”!

This year I have given him some writing exercises with the purpose of generating a bit of fun. They may not appear to have any “educational” value- but he is expressing his interests, in doing so he is improving his writing.

When something has interested him I have asked him to write about as a “school” exercise- instead of doing his “normal” work.

We have worked on stories themed in things that interest him, e.g. Star Wars.

These times where he is more freely expressing himself I relax with spelling, grammar, hand writing etc, I want him to focus more on the creative process of putting his own ideas and thoughts on paper.

I also came across a creative writing game at the library and have created our own tailored to a boy, who is mad on Super Heroes- such as my boy is! You have a table with four columns and six rows. The columns are labeled: “Character”, “Setting”, “Emotion”, and “Object”. You take a dice and role if four times. The first one determines the character e.g. if you role a 4 you chose the character on row 4, the second role decides the setting, and so on. This gives you a framework to create a story.


I have laminated our sheet, and we can bring it out periodically.

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