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Dealing with Tension: Sometimes All That’s Needed is a Hug

Dealing with Tension: Sometimes All That’s Needed is a Hug

We were having one of those mornings, you know the ones: where everything takes twice as long, where your clock seems to have entered into some weird quantum physical universe where time goes faster, and where no one is listening- this was a morning Noah took 40 minutes to get dressed, 30 of which were spent prancing around in his birthday suit (what is it with boys and being naked!).

By the time we had started work we were all a bit frazzled. By the time Noah was reading to me he (and I) were rather grumpy. Reading didn’t go well, and I found myself getting-at-him for the umpteenth time that morning. I saw his shoulders drop and and head drop. I took a deep breath and held him close. I overcame my annoyance,and my own bad attitude to see that this little boy needed a bit of love more than “discipline”. We hugged for a couple of minutes. I felt the tension slip away from his shoulders, and he melted into me. When we resumed reading, all our problems were “fixed”.

As I held him close I thought of the days I have, where I feel overwhelmed and like I want the world to stop, the days I want a hug. If I, a 34 year old adult, have days like this, of course my 8 year old boy will have them too.

So often the tensions of getting-everything-done can be fixed with taking a few minutes out and having a hug. Working out of a place of love and feeling emotionally secure is good for everyone. In our homeschool I have learnt that when we start from the place of relationship we all have a better day, and better learning happens too.

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