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Creative Writing Prompts for Homeschool

We have never followed a set curriculum for creative writing, instead we have taken inspiration from the work we are doing in other areas to inspire our writing projects. For example when we studied the Royal Family, during the Queen’s Jubilee my daughter was given the task of writing a story entitled “The Naughty Corgi”.

By giving her either a title or a first line she has a foundation to work from, and the project work already finished helps inform her writing.

We also use the text we are reading to inspire creative writing. Ideas will depend on the text, by using key events in the story to inspire a story. For example if reading “Little House on the Prairie”, a story about a time the child went on a long journey, or if there was a time they met with a dangerous situation- like Laura in the book. The child can also wite about their favourite, or least favourite, character; explaining what they are like, what they do and why they like/dislike the character.

If studying an event or character in history the assigned task would be to retell the story, or write a biography on the person.

To teach grammar and language skills we use the Charlotte Mason inspired text book “Language Lessons”, one of the activities in these texts books is to study works of art. A follow on activity from this introduction to art appreciation is to write a story around the painting. My son, who has a vivid imagination has found this a lot of fun!

However, there are always times when we want a writing project but the above does not easily lend themselves to the occasion. So here are a list of 20 prompts you can use for Primary age children:

    Write a story about what you did on holiday.
    Write a story about your pet.
    Write a story with the beginning: “One day I had an adventure in the woods…..”
    Write a story about what you think the future will be like.
    Pretend you are a journalist. Write a news story about a volcano erupting (or earthquake!) Make the page look like the front cover of a newspaper, with a headline and a picture.
    Write a letter to your best friend.
    Re-tell your favourite Bible story
    Keep a journal for a fortnight
    Write a story of a conversation between you and some you have studied from history.
    Write about a musical instrument you play: what it is like, how long you have to practice, who teaches you, what songs can you play, and why you like it.
    Think about what you would like to do when you grow up. Write about what you would do in that job, what do you have to do to be able to do that job, and what would be the best thing about that job.
    Imagine you are Prime Minister for the day. What would you do?
    Write a silly story about a monkey/elephant/knight/astronaut/etc (choose a character that will appeal to the child, or one that fits into another project you are working on)
    Imagine you are an inventor. You have just invented a robot. Write a story about your robot.
    Imagine you are knight. Write about a great adventure you have had.
    Write a story entitled “My journey in a space ship”
    Do you think a dinosaur would make a good pet? Why do you think it would or would not be a good pet.
    Write a poem about the most beautiful place you have seen.
    Write an acostic poem about your best friend, using your friends name.
    Write a story about a camping adventure.

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