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Autumn Craft Fun

Autumn Craft Fun

We are most definitely in the throws of autumn, and is there any season that calls us to the forest more that autumn?

As the leaves flutter from the trees and the last of the migrating geese can be heard it’s time to put on the wellies and get out into the woods! Here are the autumn inspired activities we have been up to lately!

  1. Get Into the Wood
  2. Walk in the wood and collect leaves, nuts, twigs etc to use in crafts later. Take a leaf identification chart and learn the names of trees. The Woodland Trust Nature Detectives have lots of great ideas and printables that can be used in the wood!

  3. Make hedgehogs
  4. Hedgehog leaf craft
    Cut out hedgehog shapes and use the leaves to cover the body. The leaves will look like the hedgehog spines. Autumn is a good time to teach about hedgehogs, as they are preparing to go into hibernation.

  5. Laminate Leaves
  6. We placed some interesting leaves in laminator sheets. The laminated leaves were then stuck onto a window. The light shining through them is really pretty.
    Laminated leaves

  7. Leaf painting
  8. Cut out leaf shapes and paint them the colours of autumn. This is a great craft for younger children. You can then cut out a large tree shape to make an autumn display on the wall.

  9. Leaf Printing
  10. Take collected leaves, and use them to print with.

  11. Fungi Nature Study
  12. For older children you can look at the different fungi growing in the wood. We sketched some of the different mushrooms we found in the wood, then painted them with watercolours. For safety we didn’t pick any. We used a field guide book to identify them, this also provided the opportunity to teach how dangerous wild mushrooms can be.

Have fun this autumn!

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