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Animals and the Natural World Study, for multiple ages

As we are going to be visiting the zoo this week, I thought it a good idea to plan an animal project. As we currently have an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a preschooler I want to teach them all something which will be appropriate for their ages.

The Girl has already learnt about mammals, reptiles, amphibians etc. But we did make a poster, and her role was to write a description of what a mammal is, what a reptile is, etc. The Jedi Boy (the 6 year old), with some help from The Knight Boy, cut out, and glued different animals on the poster in their correct categories.

We have now taken the study onto look at habitats and how animals are adapted to their different habitats. The Girl is learning about Biomes, and the food cycle, below is a free worksheet to fill in the blanks. This is to familiarise the child with words like: habitat, biome, organism, adaptation.

the natural world

The boys a more fundamental look at a habitat is an animals home, and why would a polar bear live in the Arctic and not a desert for example.

For this we have printed off a world map, and The Girl has marked the different biome region on it, the children will then look at the map and decide where different animals live. The boys will glue the pictures of the animals and show where they are from (with some help.)

Interestingly, before we have stated this The Knight Boy had been walking about the house with a map of the world asking questions like “where are the monkeys from?, where do tigers live?” It’s lovely when they are showing a natural interest in the topic being taught!

Another fantastic resource is the children’s natural history documentaries playing on BBC iplayer, Deadly 60 is a big hit in our house:

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