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Advent Bible Study for the Whole Family

Advent Bible Study for the Whole Family

Christmas is coming! Children have growing levels of excitement!

Advent is a wonderful time not to only teach the “Christmas Story” but to delve deeper into why Jesus came. It is a time where you can go back to the beginning and explore the Word, to take a journey from Genesis to the manger in Bethlehem.

We often do some sort of Jesse Tree. The Jesse Tree is a French tradition which his growing in popularity within the modern evangelical church. For a Jesse Tree you make different ornaments, with symbolic meaning. These tell the story from the Garden of Eden, to Fall, Noah’s Ark, Abraham, the Law and Prophets all the way to the birth of Jesus. There are many sites where you can print Jesse Tree ornaments to make with children.

Wintry walks

We also use a simple Bible Study, suitable for younger children, so the whole family can take part. I found one by Ann Voskamp on the Homelife website. This Advent Bible Study is a perfect length to use with children, and can easily be used along with a Jesse Tree.

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