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5 Ideas to do with Preschoolers

5 Ideas to do with Preschoolers

When homeschooling multiple ages it is easy to forget about the preschooler- after all those older kids have real work to do like long division, learning the planets of the solar system, mastering past perfect tenses, etc etc…

However, there is a wealth of studies highlighting the importance of preschool education. But regardless of the educational and developmental benefits of investing in preschool/nursery activities, ensuring your little learners are catered for will make the homeschool day go more smoothly. So here are 5 simple ideas you can do- one each day!

    1. Playdough It’s simple, but young kids love it. The tactile nature of playdough has been shown to help relax young children, and the use of tools helps strengthen muscles in the hand for writing later. It also develops fine motor neurone skills.

      2 cups flour
      1 cup salt
      1 tablespoon cooking oil
      ½- 1 cup water

    Mix the flour and salt, then add the water and oil. Only add a little water at a time, so the mixture isn’t too wet. Knead the dough until smooth.
    Add food colourings of your choice.

    2. Painting Painting is very versatile. We use poster paint, it is think and easy to apply for young children. You can paint with a brush, you can use sponges to print, it can be watered down and blown with straws.

    3. Cutting Again young children love to cut up pieces of paper. You can give them lines to cut along, old magazines to cut out. This also strengthen the muscles of the hand, and improves fine motor neurone skills… all essential for preparation for writing.

    4. Gluing Creating from bits of junk fires the imagination. We have a large box with bits and bobs that can be used for gluing. We keep toilet roll tubes, old cardboard boxes, chocolate wrappers. I also have a small box with shiny paper, foil, scraps of material etc basically little interesting things. These I use for small gluing activities, like gluing on a paper plate- better if you want less mess to clear up!

    5. Baking Baking brings in a lot of skills: for example listening to instructions, measuring… It is also tactile and again strengthens little hands. Baking activities that involve the child rubbing the ingredients, rolling, kneading, mixing are perfect for a little baker… and you get to eat the end product!

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