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Frugal Food: Breakfast

Frugal Food: Breakfast

We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is also becoming more expensive, with the rise of cereal prices. Although I have seen the cost of porridge rise, it is still the cheapest of the breakfast options. But the best thing about porridge is the way it keeps you feeling satisfied for longer- reducing the temptation to snake before breakfast. Over the years I’ve tried different cereals and none of them keep hunger at bay like a bowl of porridge. It is also a superfood. Here are some of the health benefits of porridge:

a) Helps the immune system. The proteins in porridge can help to build repair damaged cells thus boosting the immune system.
b) Studies show porridge reduces the risk of heart disease.
c) Can re-balance levels of testosterone and oestrogen in the body
d) Helps reduce depression, as it is high in vitamin B6.
e) The slow release of energy is good for brain function, so it helps concentration.
f) Is a good source of folic acid, so is fantastic for pregnant women.
g) Helps with constipation since it is high in fibre.
h) Porridge is rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, which has been shown to help fight cancer.
i) Porridge is a source of essential minerals like magnesium and zinc

I make my porridge with:
1 part porridge; 1 part semi-skimmed milk; 1 part water
All of these are heated in a large pot until thick and creamy. You can serve the porridge with different toppings: sugar, salt, golden syrup… or my absolute favourite maple syrup!

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