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Bake Around the World at Christmas

Bake Around the World at Christmas

I love the food associated with Christmas. Christmas is a time of feasting. A time we come together with those we love and deepen our relationships, whilst sharing wonderful food. Different countries around the world have fantastic traditions around food, that can add a depth to our own celebrations. Here are a few to try, that will gladden the hearts of all those around your table. So use the season as an excuse to bake your way around the world.

  • Gingerbread Men
  • We eat gingerbread men around the 6th December to coincide with St. Nicholas Day. We read the lovely book The Baker’s Dozen by Aaron Shepard. The book shares the tradition of making St. Nicholas Day cookies within the Dutch culture.

  • Cougnou: Jesus Bread from Belgium
  • We made this beautiful bread a few years ago. It is an easy bread to make, although my bread shaping skills are not good. When I made them I just baked them as little rolls. They are meant to be shaped to resemble the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes!

  • St. Lucia Buns
  • St. Lucia buns are a traditional bread from Sweden made at Christmas.

  • Stollen
  • Stollen is a German bread with marzipan in the centre. The marzipan is meant to represent baby Jesus (yes another baby Jesus in a bread creation!). These are absolutely delicious.

  • Baklava
  • Baklava is a traditional sweet pastry dish from the Middle East, although Greece also have a tradition of making Baklava as well. The pastry is filled with nuts, honey and spices.

  • Epiphany Cake: Dreik√∂nigskuchen
  • This is a cake made for Epiphany in Liechtenstein. It remembers the Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus. Again it is another bread recipe, but it looks amazing!

  • A traditional Christmas Cake
  • Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without the smell of a proper Christmas cake baking in the house. This is a tradition handed down the generations of women in my family. And although I love exploring the food cultures in other countries this very British cake is a must. I have linked to Mary Berry’s recipe. This is a big cake, but it keeps for ages.

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