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Activities for Easter

Activities for Easter

Here are a list of activities to do over Easter with the children:

    1. Make an Easter Banner Decorate a large piece of paper, then glue on it the key events of Holy Week. I have kept it simple focusing on Palm Sunday, Jesus clearing the temple, The Last Supper, Jesus arrest, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. Have the children draw simple pictures on pieces of paper, and either write a scripture verse or a sentence about what has happened.

    2. Make a Simnel Cake I love marzipan! So this is a great excuse to use some. The balls of marzipan on top represent the apostles minus Judas. Here is a lovely easy recipe.

    Simnel Cake

    3. An Easter Egg Hunt! Who does not like looking for chocolate!!

    4. Decorating and Rolling Eggs Part of me thinks this is a bit of a waste of eggs, but children love it… and with this cold spring I’m sure the local wildlife will be grateful for the free lunch!

    5. Hot Cross Buns Why not try and make your own! Lovely recipe from Make Do and Mend

    6. Visit a farm We went to a farm this week, with lambing in full swing we were able to see the baby lambs. We all loved it!

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