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Our Sunshine List aka Bucket List!

Our Sunshine List aka Bucket List!

It is quite common to put together a Summer Bucket List, however we have done something a little bit different this year. The end of the summer holiday’s will bring a new baby into the family, a new baby who will be very sick like little Lucy. Knowing this, is making us intentional about filling the children’s lives with enjoyable experiences before the baby is born.

Therefore we have made up a Sunshine List- a list of things which are meant to be rays of sunshine for us as we prepare yourselves for a difficult road ahead.

Each child could choose two things they wanted to do, with the stipulation they had to be sensible, and doable! 

 Some of the things that have made the list are:

  • a loch-side walk and paddle with a picnic
  • a bike ride
  • swimming
  • hillwalking (although approaching nine months pregnant this may not happen, although it may help put me into labour!)
  • building a camp fire

Studies have consistently shown that enjoyable experiences are more enriching than expensive gifts. And a recent study has shown that children find more pleasure in simple activities, and not necessarily the eye-wateringly expensive outings, like, theme parks, or even the zoo.

Stream in the Hills

Last summer one of their highlights was building a camp fire in the wood, and toasting marshmallows with friends- unsurprisingly this has made the list this year too.

I believe one of the things that helped the children cope last year with the death of their sister was special families times away like the building of camp fires, and going hillwalking; I don’t think it surprising that many of these activities that we found so helping involved nature. So the next few weeks we will be intentionally filling them up with memories of summer adventures, and little treats. And to be honest these family times will not only bless the children, but will fill me up with happy memories to carry me through the hospital stays and the sad times.

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