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Maternal Spirituality Amidst the Chaos

Maternal Spirituality Amidst the Chaos

I am one of those Christian’s who can be very set in their spirituality. I like to have my quiet time at a set time, with no distractions, Bible laid out, silence! And for me this has meant morning quiet times have been out of the question.

I tried to get up before the children, no matter how quiet I was, at least one, then all, seemed to have a radar for when mummy was about. To spare the frustration this caused, I moved quiet time to after bedtime.

The problem with this is I need more of God’s Presence through the day than that allows. I have long admired “Practising the Presence” by Brother Lawrence. The principal that we can always be in God’s Presence, no matter what we are doing. However, Brother Lawrence was not a mother of four noisy children, nor was he out in the real world working 9-5. He was a monk living in the 17th century, and although he had duties to attend to he still lived and worked in a monastery.

So I have found the implementation of Brother Lawrence not that simple!

However, lately I have felt that call to set aside small windows of time throughout the day to seek God. This has started with a little time, as circumstances allows, to read a little of God’s word and pray in the morning first thing. The children may be running around, it may be noisy in the background. But I try to take myself off to a quieter corner. I read a little, I pray a little. I connect with the divine, and it refreshes my spirit.

It does not need to be a vast amount of time where an in depth study of the word occurs. It is simply a child of God connecting with her Father, to receive a little manna from heaven to begin the day. And in the evenings when all is quiet, I can devote more time, but through the day, less is more!

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