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Homeschooling Through Crisis

Homeschooling  Through Crisis

When homeschooling we are in it for the long haul. For many families it will be a journey that will last years. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that in that time we will face difficult situations, seasons of crisis.

This has been such a year for us. A year ago I was heavily pregnant and about to discover my sweet baby girl was suffering from ARC syndrome. I knew that the following months would be tough. ARC has an average life expectancy of 6 months, with very few baby’s living past 12 months.

Baby with ARC Syndrome

Our first son died of it, I knew a little of what to expect. However, I was not quite prepared for the long periods of hospital admissions which lay before us- in Lucy’s short life around half of it was spent in hospital fighting different illnesses. Trying to keep on top of homeschooling in such circumstances is stressful.

My husband had to step into the breach- we are not one of those families who share the educational responsibilities, it’s just not how we do things. One big bonus in this was the change in style helped the Jedi Boy to move forward.

I also freed myself from focusing on curriculum so rigidly. When I was away I set tasks which were less text book based, and more interest based, for example I set as a creative writing exercise for the Jedi Boy, to write a Star Wars themed story, he loved it, I had not seen him so excited about writing before, he was so excited he continued this story for a whole week!

I also found that despite the lack of set curriculum the children progressed- and progressed well, academically. When facing a crisis I would recommend, keep it simple- focus on what you have to.

The children also have memories with their sister which are priceless. It was 6 months where life was raw and challenging- for us all. But by keeping the children close to us, as a family we have carried each other through. It was suggested I put the children in school through this time. I decided against this for us, as I felt it would cause more upset, at a time where continuity was vital. It would also add the pressure of school runs into a dynamic where things were ever changing- a season where I didn’t know where I would be from one day to the next. And as I said being at home together, gave us all that time as a family, which was all to short for little Lucy.

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