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These are a Few Of My Favourite Things

These are a Few Of My Favourite Things

The other day I was sitting eating a pack of Tyrells Apple Crisps (as you do). On the back they had compiled an alternative 5-a-day list- like the 5 pieces of fruit or veg a day but more fun.

So I thought what are the real 5-a-day: those 5 things I really really couldn’t live without… those things that really do make it possible to live life full and healthy.

  1. Cuddles from the children. Not to sound overly sentimental, but the love you receive from your children is the most precious thing there is. A hug from a little boy is medicine for a mamma’s soul.
  2. Some quiet time. Time to read and pray. This restores and refreshes, and needs to be a priority so I can be a better mummy! This is time to connect with the Almighty, as He alone is our source of life and strength.
  3. Beauty! We are hard wired to appreciate beauty. It is part of our DNA as beings created in God’s image, we to need to see His creation. This can be taking time out to experience creation, or looking at beautiful images or nature.
  4. Connection with people, fellowship, time spent with people who build you up, encourage and love you. Relationship is essential. Yes I have relationship and fellowship with the children, but other adult relationships are important, to maintain good mental and emotional health.
  5. A good supply of tea… why? Because that is just me!

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