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A Year Gone; New Year Approaching

A Year Gone; New Year Approaching

As the past year is all but over I have been assessing what has worked and what has not. At the start of the New Year I resolved to be more intentional with rest. January 2015 found me pregnant with my 7th child, whilst still grieving the loss of dear sweet Lucy. I was emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted. This step was one of the wisest decision I made all year, and it is definitely one I want to continue, although it is harder to commit to when you have a young baby with rigid care needs.

I also realised I needed greater intentionality in caring for my own emotional needs. I’ve had to learn to manage and deal with grief and fear this year. This is an area I need to continue to grow in. At the start of the year I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed by sorrow, but with children who need a mother I have had to learn to overcome the sadness in a healthy way.

All in all 2015 could be called a year of intentionality. Sally Clarkson’s book “Own Your Life” was an excellent read to start the year and focus the mind- and I would highly recommend it.

I can see 2016 growing on that, and taking it further. The winter months in general need more focused attention, as it is easy to slip into bad habits and being so much more together, with children unable to be out in the garden as much, moods can fray.

Something that has been on my heart lately is the need to tell my babies stories: to record and tell Michael, Lucy and John’s stories before I forget (sadly we all forget even things most precious). Telling their story, is something almost scared, it is locked within my heart and has been largely untouched, but I feel now it is beginning to well up within me ready to come out. But this thought lead me to think that I want to record all the children’s stories. Record the funny little things young children say and do. Create in word a picture of these crazy precious years. So I don’t forget. So I have bought a diary to record, to tell our story- to remember.

I also want to do more of the things I have said I want to do, those little projects that I think “we could do that” but never do. The things that fill up pinterest boards and Facebook feeds, that we all say we will do one rainy day which never comes along. So instead of committing to everything I intend to be more disciplined with gardening. I say I will every year, but this year I want to commit to once a week spending time in the garden. A little each week.

Spiritually last year I decided not to do a Bible-Reading-Plan, instead I read shorter passages more deeply. This I have really enjoyed. But at the moment I think I will return to a Bible-Reading-Plan, I have not went for anything fancy. In the past I have used the plans provided by the Blue Letter Bible, but this year I am going to use the one in the back of my Bible (won’t lose it that way!).

In 2015 I also started reading Christian biographies with Beka. We have both enjoyed them. I have personally drawn great encouragement from the examples of those who have gone before. This is something we will continue into the next year.

New Year is a good time to take stock and plan ahead, to think of ways to make improvements. But the key to success is little changes that will not overwhelm. Growing on positions gained.

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