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What Homeschool Curriculum We Use

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One of the problems of homeschooling in the UK is the lack of UK based homeschool curriculum. Many UK homeschoolers look at America as the Promised Land of Home Ed materials- they are spoiled for choice! And to but in the US and ship to the UK is very expensive- I have bought books where shipping was MUCH more than the actual items!

Another problem we face is the lack of opportunity to see before you buy. When you buy a new piece of curriculum it may look and sound good- and all the hype may be true, but it may not suit your child!

I have tried a few different bits and pieces. One of the big pluses for me with home education is we can custom build a curriculum around each child- depending on their needs.

My daughter, she is very good at reading, but struggles more with maths. So I’m using a Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum for her. Charlotte Mason curriculum uses quality literature to teach with- her reading list this year is very impressive! We are using the free curriculum plan on Ambelside Online, they give you a reading list and plan; you get the books- most are available on Amazon. For maths we have just switched to Singapore maths. Although she finds maths more challenging I wanted to push her a bit with this. I understand in the era we are living in students will need to be competent with mathematics.

With the five year old wanna be knight/racing driver I have to take a more steady approach. We are using the Jolly Phonics curriculum with him for reading. This has been fantastic for him. The different learning styles used to teach reading has helped him to grasp the phonics and has made it much more interesting for him. And again we are using Singapore Maths, which he so far enjoys- he has more natural ability in mathematics than his sister, even at this young age.

The Ambelside curriculum incorporates social studies. So the history and geography The Girl is studying I am able to adapt to the boys. Currently we are looking at geography through the lens of early explorers, which means many tales of adventure, bravery, knights, etc

I have just started using a Science book with them this year: “Developing Critical Learning Through Science”. The book is suitable for grades 1-3, and has simple experiments to back up the principals being taught.

Last year I introduced French. We have started very simply with the Collins French Club.

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